Department/Unit: Department of Computer Science, College of Pure and Applied Science (COPAS)

Position: Lecturer


Computer science is the study of computers and computational systems. It is a broad field, which includes everything from the algorithms that make up software to how software interacts with hardware to how well software is developed and designed. Communications engineering features subspecialties like internet technology, computer systems, networking, broadband technology and radio communications. Another popular subfield is telecommunications, which involves systems that support video, data and voice transmissions.


Nine publications


University Malaysia Perlis. A.C.E Kangar Perlis, Malaysia.

University Malaysia Perlis. Pauh Perlis, Malaysia.

Al-Madinah International University. KL. Shah Alam, Malaysia.


Ø  Teaching undergraduate and postgraduate courses

Ø  Research

Ø  Administrative Duties

Ø  Assisting with departmental results processing

Ø  Supervise students on IT

Ø  Research Graduate and Postgraduate Assistant in Advanced Communication Engineering (ACE), Expertise on antennas measurement systems. Kangar Perlis, Malaysia.

Ø  Ability to maintain high standards of achievement, behavior, discipline and punctuality amongst students. Kangar Perlis, Malaysia.

Ø  Knowledge of health and safety issues. Ibadan, Nigeria.

Ø  Team leader for electrical and mechanical engineers Jubaili Bross Engineering (J B E) L.T.D. Contractor to MTN Site, Maintenance and Replacement of faulty Electrical and Mechanical part. Lagos Ibadan, Nigeria.

Ø  Perform engineering tasks using computer-assisted engineering methods and designed.

Ø  Coordinate the installation, maintenance, and support of electrical engineering projects to ensure safety and compliance.

Ø  Supervised a team of electrical and mechanical engineering contractor.